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Los Angeles’ ethnic rhinoplasty expert can help you get the nose you want. An ethnic rhinoplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery that enhances an individual’s nose while maintaining his or her ethnic characteristics. Even after Los Angeles’ rhinoplasty, the enhanced appearance of your nose would still resemble your original features.

People nowadays undergo rhinoplasty surgery simply to enhance their noses. Aside from aesthetic enhancement, Los Angeles rhinoplasty experts can also help people with nasal defects.

One kind of Los Angeles ethnic rhinoplasty is known as African-American rhinoplasty. According to a study, African-Americans have shorter, shallower, and wider noses. This may be one of the reasons why some African-Americans see ethnic rhinoplasty experts in Los Angeles. Other kinds of Los Angeles ethnic rhinoplasty include Asian rhinoplasty, Middle Eastern rhinoplasty, and Hispanic rhinoplasty.

Seeing a Los Angeles ethnic rhinoplasty expert can be frightening. You may not be fully decided on whether or not you should get a Los Angeles rhinoplasty. What if you do not like the result from the Los Angeles rhinoplasty expert? What if your surgeon commits a mistake? These are probably the questions that you have. However, choosing the right expert to do the Los Angeles ethnic rhinoplasty procedure can make you feel safer. Learn more about rhinoplasty’s here.

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Los Angeles Rhinoplasty Expert to Deliver the Results you Expect

Finding the right Los Angeles rhinoplasty expert can be difficult, especially since there are plenty of surgeons to choose from. You may not be sure if the surgeon you choose is the best one for you. Here are things that you should consider in choosing the right Los Angeles ethnic rhinoplasty expert:

  • Board Certification

A board certification indicates that the Los Angeles ethnic rhinoplasty surgeon has gone through proper training. Consider a Los Angeles rhinoplasty expert who is certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). The ABMS ensures that Los Angeles rhinoplasty experts have the proper education and training.

  • Skills

Los Angeles rhinoplasty surgery has different types, and each type requires a different skill. The types of Los Angeles rhinoplasty surgery include Los Angeles ethnic rhinoplasty, traditional Los Angeles rhinoplasty, and revision Los Angeles rhinoplasty.

Consider a Los Angeles ethnic rhinoplasty expert who is skilled in all types of rhinoplasty surgery. This way, you can ensure that he or she knows the proper procedure.

  • Experience

A Los Angeles ethnic rhinoplasty expert who has performed numerous Los Angeles rhinoplasty surgeries may be well versed in Los Angeles rhinoplasty. He or she is in a better position to overcome any challenges as he or she may have already handled similar cases in the past. Also, a Los Angeles ethnic rhinoplasty expert with enough experience is not likely to commit mistakes.

  • Equipment

You should make sure that the Los Angeles ethnic rhinoplasty expert has the proper equipment. This equipment can contribute to guaranteeing your safety during the Los Angeles ethnic rhinoplasty surgery. Visit the Los Angeles ethnic rhinoplasty expert’s facility to check if he or she has the right equipment.

  • Customer Satisfaction

No matter how good the Los Angeles ethnic rhinoplasty experts are, people may not consider them if their customer service is not good. You should feel comfortable with a Los Angeles rhinoplasty expert and his or her staff.

The number of satisfied customers can give you an idea about how good the Los Angeles ethnic rhinoplasty expert is. Visit the website of the Los Angeles ethnic rhinoplasty expert, and read the reviews of the patients. If you know someone who had been a patient of the surgeon before, you can also ask him or her about his or experience.

  • Cost

Ethnic Rhinoplasty surgery can be expensive, so you surely want to get what you pay for. Make sure that the Los Angeles ethnic rhinoplasty expert will not overcharge you.

It is important to consider the cost of the surgery so you know if it will be worth it. You can make a comparison of the Los Angeles rhinoplasty experts’ prices. However, the lowest price does not always mean it is the right one for you. Other surgeons may offer higher rates but ensure excellent results for your rhinoplasty surgery.

What You Should Do Before Your Procedure

After finding the right surgeon, you should also do some preparation to make sure that your surgery will be successful. Here are the things that you should do before the Los Angeles rhinoplasty procedure:

  • Stop Drinking or Smoking

At least two weeks before your surgery, you need to stop drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. Alcohol and cigarettes can prolong your recovery time. They can also increase your chances of having post-surgical complications. Drink water instead to hydrate your body, and stop smoking to avoid other health problems.

  • Stop Taking Aspirin or Ibuprofen

Aspirin and Ibuprofen interfere with your body’s ability to stop bleeding from cuts or injuries. You can take other medicines such as acetaminophen instead if you have a headache or other pain. You can also ask your doctor for other medications that are safe to take before your surgery.

  • Stop Taking Herbal Supplements

Some herbal supplements like green tea extracts, ginseng, or garlic can negatively interact with anesthesia, which is required to perform the surgery. You should avoid taking these herbal supplements at least two weeks before the surgery.

However, other herbal supplements, such as Arnica Montana, may be safe for you to take. Arnica Montana helps in reducing bruises and inflammation. It is best to consult your surgeon to know which herbal supplements are good for you.

Instead of taking herbal supplements, you can take vitamin supplements to stimulate healing. Iron and vitamins C and E can help with the healing process.

  • Avoid Having Colds and Other Illnesses

The common cold and other illnesses can cause complications during your surgery. If you have any sickness before or during the day of the procedure, you should let your surgeon know. This way, your surgeon can determine if it is still safe to continue.

  • Wash Your Face With an Antibacterial Solution

The night before the surgery and on the day of the surgery itself, you should wash your face thoroughly with an antibacterial solution. This way, you can prevent any infections caused by germs or bacteria.

  • Rest Well, and Try to Be Relaxed

Sleeping is the best way to rest so you should get enough sleep the night before the surgery. Try not to think about what could go wrong, especially since you have already chosen a good surgeon. Trust that your surgeon will do well. Think about the good things that could happen after the surgery.

Why You Should Consider Dr. John Layke to Do Your Rhinoplasty

Dr. John Layke is your Ethnic Rhinoplasty Expert in Los Angeles. He has a specialization in Los Angeles ethnic rhinoplasty, and even in traditional rhinoplasty. He and his staff also have the right technology and equipment to ensure that you get the result you are hoping for. Dr. John Layke is certified by the ABMS, so you can be sure that he has enough knowledge and experience in performing the ethnic rhinoplasty procedure.

You may already be familiar with Dr. John Layke. He has been featured in numerous TV shows, where he discussed his expertise in plastic surgery, including ethnic rhinoplasty. He was also featured in magazines like STAR Magazine, OK Magazine, and Harper’s Bazaar.

Trust Dr. John Layke to Perform Your Rhinoplasty Procedure

If you are looking for a Los Angeles ethnic rhinoplasty expert, consider Dr. John Layke. He provides excellent service to all his patients. Dr. John Layke will listen to what or how you want your nose to look like. He will make sure to give you the result that you are hoping for. Contact us today to set up an appointment with Dr. John Layke! Click here to view Dr. Layke in the media.