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As you grow older, it will be harder to hide those flaws that appear on your face due to skin aging. When you see wrinkles, loose skin, a creased forehead, saggy cheeks, and jowls on your neck, you will know that your skin is no longer as youthful as it once was. The effects of skin aging can even lower your self-esteem.

Today, medical experts have found a solution in reducing the signs of skin aging. People in Beverly Hills who wish to maintain their beauty and youth are turning to Dr. John Layke for Beverly Hills facelift surgeries. Dr. John Layke is a professional plastic surgeon who performs facelifts and other kinds of cosmetic surgeries.

With Dr. John Layke’s help, you can say goodbye to the visible signs of skin aging. Attaining a youthful face and having self-confidence in the process are now possible with the help of a facelift Beverly Hills surgery. View facelift tips here.


Signs of Skin Aging and Benefits of Facelifts Beverly Hills

Aging is evident in every part of the body, whether internally or externally. Effects of aging differ depending on what body part is affected. For the skin, signs of aging are very evident and are not hard to spot when they occur. The following are a few signs that aging brings to your skin:

  • Skin is more likely to be susceptible to lesions.
  • Skin is more transparent because of the thinning of the dermis and epidermis.
  • Skin is itchy, rough, and dry.
  • Skin is less elastic, making it hang loosely.
  • Skin is more easily bruised because of the thinning of the blood vessels.


Different Causes of Skin Aging

Getting older is not only the reason why people suffer from the effects of skin aging. Here are some of the causes as to why our skin ages:


Oxidation happens when the body is subjected to oxidative stress. Oxidative stress occurs when there is pollution, radiation, and other harmful elements. If the body becomes stressed, it triggers the development of free radicals inside it. These free radicals are capable of destroying skin cells, causing the skin to gradually age.

Collagen Breakdown

Collagen is a natural component of the skin that is responsible for making it firm and supple. Collagen is also capable of renewing skin cells. As you age, your skin’s ability to produce collagen diminishes. As collagen production decreases, it will be more prone to damage. Over time, your skin will tend to get dry.           


This is a natural process wherein excess sugar in the bloodstream attaches itself to the skin’s collagen and elastin fibers. Glycated skin proteins and fibers make the skin thin, dry, and less elastic.


Inflammation is a normal reaction of the skin to protect itself from harmful pathogens. However, inflammation of the skin becomes chronic as you get older. This is because aging will make your skin more sensitive and irritated to external factors.


What Can You Do to Lessen the Signs of Skin Aging on Your Face

Aging will really take a toll on your skin, especially on your face. That is why there are medical surgeons who perform procedures to reduce the signs of skin aging on this body part. If you want to restore your aging face to its youthful state, you can undergo a Beverly Hills facelift surgery.


About Facelift Surgery

Facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure that reconditions the skin in order to diminish the signs of skin aging. In Beverly Hills, California, a Beverly Hills facelift surgery is known to restore the youthful beauty of someone’s face.


Benefits of Facelift Surgery

Undergoing facelift Beverly Hills surgery can enhance your face’s aesthetic. A Beverly Hills facelift surgery can help you regain your self-confidence as well. Lastly, this surgery has variations which focus on specific facial parts that are mostly riddled by the signs of skin aging.


Different Kinds of Facelift Surgeries

The good thing about a Beverly Hills facelift surgery is its different kinds. Each kind is specifically designed to address the different parts of the face. The following are the Beverly Hills facelift surgeries that you can choose from:           


A mid-facelift is a kind of Beverly Hills facelift surgery that is intended for parts such as the nose, mouth, cheeks, and eyes. Mid-facelift aims to tighten the tissues around these facial parts, so your face could avoid looking floppy.

The procedure involves lifting soft tissues under your eyes, nose, mouth, and cheeks—reducing sagginess around these areas of your face. Lifting is a non-invasive surgical procedure, allowing Beverly Hills facelift surgeons to “lift” or pull back your skin by making small incisions from your ears to your hairline.

Forehead/Brow Lift

This kind of Beverly Hills facelift surgery targets the upper portion of your face— the forehead and eyebrows. This procedure uses the same technique used in mid-facelift surgery. It minimizes the wrinkles and creases around your forehead, readjusts your eyebrows, and reduces your frown lines.


For patients who have already undergone a Beverly Hills facelift surgery and were not satisfied with its results, a Beverly Hills facelift revision can be your next option. This is an additional procedure which aims to enhance other parts of your face that you want done. It can also correct any facial feature that has been overlooked during your first Beverly Hills facelift operation.


Conditions You Must Meet Before Undergoing a Facelift Surgery

Beverly Hills facelift surgeons prefer their patients to be physically healthy. They will not permit anyone with an illness to undergo surgery. If you have cardiovascular disorders such as poor blood clotting, hypertension, or uncontrolled diabetes, your surgeon will not allow you to have a facelift surgery.

Sometimes, surgeons do not recommend a Beverly Hills facelift surgery procedure to people who smoke. Smoking can cause the bloodstream to get narrow, which restricts the circulation of oxygen in the body. This will affect the healing process. It will make your recovery time longer than expected.

You should also tell your Beverly Hills facelift surgeon if you are currently taking any medications or supplements for the blood. Your surgeons will likely prohibit these medications because they might promote Hematoma. Examples of medications you must avoid are aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, Plavix, etc.


What You Should Do Before Undergoing a Facelift Surgery

Your Beverly Hills facelift surgeon will instruct you to stop taking any kind of medications for the blood two weeks before the operation. It is also good to wash your face and hair with germicidal soap before surgery to avoid any infection in the area that will be operated on. Lastly, you must fast or avoid eating anything the night before your operation.


What You Should Do After Undergoing Facelift Surgery

The first thing your facelift Beverly Hills surgeon would suggest to you is to take plenty of rest. Take the prescribed medications your surgeon recommends if pain persists. Lastly, apply a cold compress around post-surgery wounds to reduce any inflammation.


Qualities of a Good Facelift Surgeon

Facial surgery is a delicate process that must be handled by an expert. Apart from not jeopardizing the safety of his/her patients, he/she must deliver good results. Here are the qualities of a trusted Beverly Hills facelift surgeon:

  • Honest and Has a Sense of Integrity
  • Good Communicator
  • Properly Educated and Trained
  • Well-Experienced in the Industry


What Dr. John Layke Can Offer

Dr. John Layke is a celebrated plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills who offers different kinds of facial surgeries. He and his partner provide Beverly Hills facelift surgeries to their clients. With years of experience in the industry, Dr. John Layke and his partner are committed to enhancing beauty and maintaining youthfulness to regain a person’s self-confidence. Click here to view our reviews. Set up an appointment with Dr. John Layke today.

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