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Beverly Hills Neck Lift  A Beverly Hills neck lift is a surgical procedure that is often done for people who are experiencing sagging of the skin around their necks. The age range in which an individual can get a Beverly Hills neck lift is between 45 and 55. With a Beverly Hills neck lift, middle-aged men and women can reduce signs of aging.

Additionally, a Beverly Hills neck lift can be performed on people who have lost a significant amount of weight. The removal of excess, sagging skin can boost their confidence and give them an appealing look.

One type of Beverly Hills neck lift is a Beverly Hills platysmaplasty. A Beverly Hills platysmaplasty involves the tightening of the neck muscles. On the other hand, a cervicoplasty is a procedure wherein excess skin along the neck is removed.

What Is a Beverly Hills Platysmaplasty?

A platysmaplasty is an operation that focuses on restructuring the muscles in the neck, which are called platysma. As a person ages, the platysma muscle area eventually sags. This process may lead to:

  • Fat in the Jowls
  • Inelasticity of Skin Around the Neck
  • Formation of Neck Bands
  • “Turkey Neck” or Sagging of Neck Skin

In platysmaplasty, the surgeon’s objective is to tighten the skin and the muscles in the neck. Platysmaplasty can either be performed along with a facelift or as a separate procedure.

What Is Involved in a Cervicoplasty?

A neck lift or cervicoplasty involves the reduction of excessive fat around the aging person’s neck and chin area. An individual may undergo a cervicoplasty if they have:

  • Loosening of Neck Skin
  • Sagging of Chin Muscles
  • Accumulation of Fat Below the Chin

How Can Other People Benefit From This Procedure?

Apart from people who want to look younger, other individuals may also undergo a neck lift procedure. This surgery can be for those who want to improve the appearance of their necks after a significant loss of weight.

People who have undergone massive weight reduction operations may find it difficult for their neck muscles to return to its natural form for a short period. Since these procedures have resulted in loose, saggy skin, a neck lift can be an opportunity to enhance their appearance.

Dr. John Layke will help you get that youthful neck that you always wanted. You may contact us to find out how we can help you improve the look of your neck.

Who Are the Ideal Candidates?

Not everyone can get a Beverly Hills neck lift. This is because people should meet certain criteria that will make them good candidates for a Beverly Hills neck lift. A Beverly Hills neck lift can be performed on a patient if he or she is:

  • A Non-Smoker
  • Has No Health Conditions That Prevents Healing
  • Has Realistic Post-Surgery Expectations

Dr. John Layke is an experienced surgeon who performs Beverly Hills neck lift. He, along with his colleague Dr. Payman Danielpour, will give you the attractive neck that you have always wanted. Learn more about beverly hills neck lift – Platysmaplasty here.

What Should You Do After Getting this treatment?

During recovery, the surgeon will provide you with instructions on what you should do after getting a neck lift. You may also find his or her advice valuable concerning your expectations. Following these instructions can help hasten your recovery time, too.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Surgeon?

Before getting a Beverly Hills neck lift, you should take into account specific criteria that you would like to see in a Beverly Hills neck lift doctor. Some of these qualifications are:

Surgeons Should Have Comprehensive Education and Training

Becoming a neck lift doctor takes years of education and intensive training. Surgeons have to allot their time and effort to complete their medical specialty.

It will be advantageous on your part if you can verify your doctor’s educational background and training. Knowing that your surgeon is well-versed in conducting such surgeries may make you feel that you are in good hands.

Plastic Surgeons Should Have Extensive Experience

A doctor should have considerable experience in his or her specialty since this will be useful in refining his or her skills in performing neck lift procedures. The surgical competence a surgeon has acquired over his or her years of practice can be valuable in terms of a surgery’s favorable outcome.

Dr. John Layke has been conducting plastic surgery for more than 16 years. He performs different plastic surgery procedures, which makes him the ideal go-to doctor if you are considering platysmaplasty.

Plastic Surgeons Should Provide You With Before and After Photos

Before you undergo neck lift surgery, you will first have to consult with your doctor. You can ask your surgeon for before and after photos of neck lift surgeries that he or she has previously conducted.

This may give you an idea about the wonderful effects of a neck lift procedure for your neck. Also, you can determine the surgeon’s aesthetic sense through these.

What Are the Benefits of Before and After Photos?

You may see patients who have the same neck issues as yours that you want to be fixed. This will make it easier for you to explain your desired outcome to the surgeon.

Also, it is wise to analyze the photos and see if you like the results of each of the patient’s neck lift surgery. If you find the results appealing, you know you have found yourself an expert surgeon.

Surgeons Should Be Board Certified

A doctor requires board certification for him or her to practice his or her specialty. A board certification also allows him or her to continually gain comprehensive knowledge about his or her area of expertise.

Knowing that your neck lift doctor has such certification means that he or she is competent in addressing the patient’s needs. Do not hesitate to ask your surgeon if he or she has the certification to perform a neck lift surgery.

Dr. John Layke has received his certification from the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery. These certifications prove his expertise as a neck lift surgeon.

Surgeons Should Have Positive Reviews from Clients

Reviews and testimonials give patients an idea about a surgeon’s expertise in his or her field. You may search for online reviews if you’re looking for a neck lift surgeon.

Some of the factors that you may find helpful while poring over a doctor’s testimonials can be general characteristics that appeal to you. These may be in the form of a surgeon’s communication skills or how he or she makes the patients feel comfortable.

In short, positive reviews can be a clear indication of how a surgeon performs a neck lift surgery. Dr. John Layke is an expert neck lift surgeon who has received several positive testimonials from satisfied clients on different websites.

Surgeons Should Be Knowledgeable of Advanced Surgical Techniques

Neck lifts are performed using advanced equipment in a medical facility. Cutting-edge technology, like lasers, is advantageous for non-invasive surgeries. With these tools, doctors can perform neck lift operations safely and more effectively.

Ask your neck lift surgeon about the equipment that he or she will be using for your neck lift surgery. This way, your doctor may enlighten you on how these tools can make the surgery faster and less risky.

As an expert neck lift surgeon himself, Dr. John Layke conducts neck lift surgeries in his state-of-the-art facility in Beverly Hills. With the use of modern equipment, we can perform your neck lift safely and efficiently.

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