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Revision Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills Revision Rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, nose surgery procedure and treatmentFacial modifications and other body enhancements are now possible through surgery. Surgeons provide individuals a procedure specifically for their noses, which is called rhinoplasty. If you are decided to undergo enhancement procedures to beautify your nose or improve its functionality, Beverly Hills rhinoplasty is the right surgery for you.

On the other hand, surgeons can also remodel and make other adjustments in a certain body part that had undergone a surgical operation before. Rhinoplasty revision is a procedure wherein rhinoplasty revision surgeons further improve your nose’s features after a previous Beverly Hills rhinoplasty.

For a rhinoplasty revision, you can trust Dr. John Layke, DO. He specializes in both Beverly Hills rhinoplasty and Beverly Hills professional revision rhinoplasty. He is dedicated to providing you quality professional rhinoplasty revision surgeries because he believes you deserve to look good and feel comfortable.

About Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty, A Surgical Treatment and Procedure Used to Fix a Patient’s Nose

Rhinoplasty is a procedure where Beverly Hills rhinoplasty surgeons make necessary adjustments on your nose for aesthetic purposes. Beverly Hills rhinoplasty surgeons also perform Beverly Hills professional revision rhinoplasty to improve its functionality.

However, executing Beverly Hills rhinoplasty is considered as one of the most difficult surgical procedures for surgeons. Because of the nose’s sensitive structure, surgeons have a hard time performing the nose job Beverly Hills.

Features and Conditions of the Nose That Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Can Fix

With Beverly Hills rhinoplasty, you can now achieve the ideal nose that you want. In terms of nasal features, here are the things Beverly Hills rhinoplasty could do:

  • The nasal symmetry of your nose can be balanced with Beverly Hills rhinoplasty.
  • The size of your nose can be reduced or enlarged with Beverly Hills rhinoplasty.
  • The shape of your nostrils can be improved with Beverly Hills rhinoplasty.
  • The tip of your nose can be altered with Beverly Hills rhinoplasty.

Aside from improving your nose’s features, surgeons perform Beverly Hills rhinoplasty on your nose to correct nasal conditions. The following are some conditions that Beverly Hills rhinoplasty can address:

  • Obstructions inside your nasal cavity can be fixed with Beverly Hills rhinoplasty.
  • Nasal fractures due to injuries can be treated with Beverly Hills rhinoplasty.
  • Nasal deformities due to congenital disabilities can be corrected with Beverly Hills rhinoplasty.

Your previous surgeons are held accountable if your outcome was not met during your first Beverly Hills rhinoplasty. On the other hand, a revision nose job from a reputable clinic can help you with your problem.

If the result of your first Beverly Hills rhinoplasty procedure was not what you were expecting, you could resort to Beverly Hills professional revision rhinoplasty. Highly-qualified revision rhinoplasty surgeons can perform a revision nose job on you. Only trust revision rhinoplasty surgeons that are licensed, like Dr. John Layke.

About Beverly Hills Professional Revision Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty revision is the process of resolving some issues or adding enhancements that were not addressed by your Beverly Hills rhinoplasty surgeons. By undergoing a revision nose job, you need to consult surgeons that are knowledgeable and skillful in the area of reconditioning past Beverly Hills rhinoplasty surgeries.

Why You Need to Undergo a Revision Nose Job

Is your nasal cavity still congested? Are you still having difficulties in breathing? Does the appearance of your nose still bother you despite the Beverly Hills rhinoplasty operation? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you may have to undergo rhinoplasty revision.

Experiencing the same problems your nose had before the Beverly Hills rhinoplasty surgery is not acceptable. Undergoing rhinoplasty revision to fix a few remaining issues can be a great option for you.

When Is the Best Time to Undergo Beverly Hills Professional Revision Rhinoplasty?

If you are eager to have a revision nose job, surgeons will tell you to wait—to let your nose heal after a Beverly Hills professional rhinoplasty operation. Surgeons might advise that it’s best not to undergo rhinoplasty revision because the muscles and tissues are still inflamed and swollen due to prior Beverly Hills rhinoplasty.

Surgeons will recommend you to wait for 12 to 18 months before you can proceed with a revision nose job. By this time, the inflammation and swollen wounds from the previous Beverly Hills rhinoplasty surgery had healed already.

Also, always consult your surgeons about the condition of your nose. It’s not the best practice to hastily undergo rhinoplasty revision without knowing its current state.

Surgeons can perform rhinoplasty revision or Beverly Hills rhinoplasty to teenagers and adult patients. You should be at the age of 14 years old or older for surgeons to qualify you for a rhinoplasty revision.

The reason behind this is that surgeons identified that a nose that has already reached its full development is perfect for Beverly Hills rhinoplasty or rhinoplasty revision surgery.

Another qualification a rhinoplasty revision is that you must be physically healthy. Also, surgeons prefer if your desired outcome is realistic. Your surgeons can only deliver results that a rhinoplasty revision can do. So, set realistic instructions for your surgeons and don’t go outside of the context of the surgery.

What You Should Do Before Your Professional Rhinoplasty Revision Surgery

To avoid future complications after your rhinoplasty revision, rhinoplasty revision surgeons remind their patients what to avoid before the Beverly Hills professional revision rhinoplasty operation.

Read the Pre-Operative Surgical Information Packet Before the Beverly Hills Professional Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery Treatment

Beverly Hills revision rhinoplasty surgeons give you a pre-operative information packet to read weeks before your rhinoplasty revision surgery. This information packet is a document containing guidelines you need to follow and an overview of the Beverly Hills revision rhinoplasty.

Patients Should Avoid Taking Medications Before the Beverly Hills Professional Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery Treatment

rhinoplasty revision surgeons suggest not to take medications like Aspirin or Ibuprofen two weeks before and after your revision nose job surgery. Whether if it’s maintenance for your previous Beverly Hills rhinoplasty surgery or not, taking these could prolong the recovery process of Beverly Hills professional revision rhinoplasty surgery.

Things Surgeons Will Ask Patients to Do After Undergoing Rhinoplasty Revision Treatment

You should expect that there would be intense pain after your professional rhinoplasty revision surgery. Your surgeons would recommend you to rest to improve the recovery time of the wounds incurred from the rhinoplasty revision.

Also, you should frequently consult your surgeons after the rhinoplasty revision. Aside from that, there are other things your surgeons might suggest for the after-care treatment of your rhinoplasty revision:

  • Regularly change the gauze of your nose after undergoing rhinoplasty revision surgery.
  • Avoid doing facial expressions after undergoing rhinoplasty revision surgery.
  • Don’t blow your nose after undergoing rhinoplasty revision surgery.
  • Don’t pull clothing over your head after undergoing rhinoplasty revision surgery.
  • Avoid being involved in physical activities after undergoing rhinoplasty revision surgery.

Recovery Time After a Revision Nose Job

The recovery time of your nose after you underwent a rhinoplasty revision surgery should be smooth if you comply with the rhinoplasty revision post-treatment instructions of your surgeons. Generally, most surgeons estimated recovery time for a rhinoplasty revision would take a year to heal.

Who is Dr. John Layke and Why You Should Trust Surgeons Like Him

Dr. John Layke is one of the most celebrated plastic surgeons in the Beverly Hills area. He specializes in both Beverly Hills rhinoplasty and Beverly Hills revision rhinoplasty. With over 20 years of experience in handling rhinoplasty revision surgeries, Dr. John Layke has handled multiple patients that consulted him for Beverly Hills professional rhinoplasty and rhinoplasty revision operations.

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