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Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Surgery, cosmetic surgery, nose job Beverly Hills, CA is one of the famous cities in the world. It is located beside West Hollywood and the city of Los Angeles. In Beverly Hills, many plastic surgery clinics can be found offering different kinds of reconstructive procedures. The U.S. has the highest number of cosmetic surgery as of late. A rhinoplasty expert in Beverly Hills can offer this common cosmetic procedure that is considered by a lot of people. If you are thinking of reconstructing your nose, trust only the top rhinoplasty expert. Dr. John Layke has the experience and the medical background needed to ease your worries. He is a skillful doctor who sincerely listens and gives the best possible medical service to his clients.  

What Is a Rhinoplasty Surgery Procedure in Beverly Hills?

A rhinoplasty, also called a nose job, is one kind of cosmetic surgery. The medical procedure reconstructs the function or appearance of a patient’s nose. It can help improve the patient’s self-esteem, and it also has health benefits. Learn more about a rhinoplasty expert here.  

Why Have a Rhinoplasty Expert Perform This Procedure & What Results Can a Patient Expect?

Some people have a prominent nose; others have a crooked nose or a bumpy one. Those who decide to undergo the procedure may not feel comfortable with these features. To feel good about their physical appearance, they opt for a cosmetic procedure. However, not everyone who had a nose job did the surgery for aesthetic purposes. In fact, a nose job can have good effects on the body. Here are some benefits of a nose reconstruction procedure:

  • Realignment After Injury

Some patients of nose surgery were involved in an accident. They had a nose injury because they had a car accident or because they hit the ground face first. A rhinoplasty expert helps fix and mold a broken nose back to shape or get a better form.

  • Birth Defects

Patients with congenital disabilities can also benefit from seeing a rhinoplasty expert. There is a specific surgery for problems in the alar cartilage. Those with such congenital disabilities can experience a chance of living a healthy life through a reconstructive procedure.

  • Correct Breathing

When a person has chronic snoring or breathing problems, it may mean that the patient has a nostril collapse or a deviated septum that may cause a lack of oxygen in the blood stream. A rhinoplasty expert can help him or her breathe better. If the rhinoplasty is explained as a medical procedure, some insurance firms may cover the surgery costs of the patient.

  • Improve Appearance

The most popular reason for seeing a rhinoplasty expert is aesthetics. People who are uncomfortable with the way they look can decide to alter their facial features. Some clients usually opt for a rhinoplasty to have more symmetrical features or a more natural look.  

Things to Consider Before Seeing a Rhinoplasty Expert

If you plan to have rhinoplasty surgery, you have to consider some things before booking an appointment. A facial surgery is not a simple matter. Before you schedule a consultation, make a checklist of these things:

  • Age

If you are under 18, your septum may still be growing. Surgeons do not suggest seeing a rhinoplasty expert too early or when the nose has not developed fully. A girl’s nose fully matures at the age of 15 or 16. For a boy’s nose, it happens later at about the age of 17 or 18. Full parental consent is needed for the cosmetic surgery.

  • Surgery Recovery Time

Schedule enough rest time for post-op recovery. rhinoplasty takes longer to heal, unlike other cosmetic surgeries. It is a delicate operation, though it does not require you to stay overnight at the clinic. You will be experiencing slight bleeding after the surgery. It will take a few months to a year before you see the final result.

  • Bruising and Swelling

Be ready to experience pain after the surgery. Your doctor will prescribe pain relievers to help you cope with it. Swelling will be apparent for a few weeks to a few months. Bruising around the area of the eyes will be seen. Let it heal for a week or two.

  • Medical History

The cosmetic surgeon will ask you about your medical history. If you had a previous nose surgery, an accident, or a nasal health problem, it is best to tell your doctor before the medical procedure. The patient should also inform the doctor about his or her allergic reactions to medicines. The process involves anesthetics, antibiotics, and more, so advise your doctor about allergies.

  • Rhinoplasty Expert Assessment and Consultation

The doctor will assess if you are a good candidate for seeing a rhinoplasty expert. The staff will take a picture of you before and after the surgery. Before undergoing the cosmetic procedure, they may also use the photo to show you the possible result of your rhinoplasty. After you passed the assessment, a consultation would be scheduled. Confide in your cosmetic surgeon what part of your nose bothers you and what you want the rhinoplasty expert to change. You should make sure that you clearly convey your expectations from the surgery.  

How Is the Nose Surgery Done?

To learn more about rhinoplasty, and how surgeons perform the revision or functional procedure, we will give you an overview of how it can be done. There are various steps in doing the medical procedure. Here is a step-by-step process of a rhinoplasty surgery:

  • Anesthesia

The first step in a surgery is administering anesthesia. The doctor may use local anesthesia with (intravenous) sedation, or general anesthesia depending on the complexity of the procedure. The former is used to numb a specific part of the body. The latter, on the other hand, affects your whole body and causes you to fall asleep.

  • Incision

There are two types of incision: the closed incision and the open incision. For a closed rhinoplasty expert procedure, the surgeon creates an incision inside the nose and does not cut the columella (or nasal septum, which separates the left and right nostrils). Alternatively, an open rhinoplasty performs a small incision to the columella.

  • Nose Reconstruction

From the incision, the surgeon can add grafts, or remove a bone or cartilage. Cartilage from the ear or rib can be used. The surgeon can correct the structure of the septum to improve the patient’s breathing.

  • Closing the Incision

The nose skin and tissues are then placed back, and doctors stitch the incision. After the rhinoplasty expert is finished, the staff will wait for you to wake up. If you have health issues, you can stay longer. However, if you do not have health problems after the procedure, you can leave later in the day.  

What to Expect After the Nose Surgery Procedure?

After the rhinoplasty procedure, you will have nose congestion and a bit of bleeding from the nostrils. It is also normal to feel fatigued. The doctor will ask you to come back for succeeding checkups after the procedure. It is important not to skip these sessions so that the doctor can check your progress or see if there are any problems with your Beverly Hills rhinoplasty. There is a high chance of infection, so it is important to take the antibiotics and pain medication prescribed by your doctor. Avoid exercising or heavy work for at least three to four weeks after the operation.  

Choose Sophisticated and Trusted Surgeons for the Procedure

Get the subtle and artistic rhinoplasty surgery by consulting Dr. John Layke. He is a renowned doctor in the field of cosmetic surgery and is the go to Dr. when seeking a Beverly Hills rhinoplasty expert. With his extensive knowledge of rhinoplasty from training in different universities and hospitals, he can help improve the functionality of your nose and enhance your features. You can count on him to work hard to deliver the results you want. Learn more about us here. Dr. John Layke is experienced in revision and functional rhinoplasty procedure in Beverly Hills, CA. Many television shows have featured his skill in plastic surgery. With his openness and good reputation, Dr. Layke can understand your needs and give you an exceptional outcome. Contact our clinic for an assessment and consultation today.

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