Professional Rhinoplasty Los Angeles

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In the U.S., Los Angeles is considered one of the three famous states that produce plastic surgeons. It is also one of the top destinations worldwide to go to for plastic surgery. A lot of plastic surgeons go to Los Angeles to practice their profession. Professional rhinoplasty surgeons in Los Angeles are skilled and experienced, which is why many people go to Los Angeles for rhinoplasty and other cosmetic surgeries.

What Is Professional Rhinoplasty in Los Angeles?

Rhinoplasty, also called a nose job, is the sculpting of the nose through an invasive or non-invasive medical procedure for a functional or aesthetic purpose. The goal of surgeons is to reconstruct or enhance their patients’ facial features and create results that are as natural as possible. Rhinoplasty surgeons can also correct a patient’s damaged nose caused by trauma or a congenital disability.

History of Rhinoplasty

The history of rhinoplasty goes way back in ancient Egypt and India. When amputation was a type of religious, military, or criminal punishment, surgeons did their best to repair mutilated noses. In other countries like Iran, some women have used rhinoplasty as a silent rebellion against the autocratic government.

In the U.S., plastic surgeons were able to enhance their techniques by performing rhinoplasty on wounded soldiers by the turn of the 20th century. Since then, plastic surgeries evolved, and cosmetic surgeries became more renowned and practiced. Rhinoplasty has been one of the most common procedures for centuries. Learn more about rhinoplasty’s here.

The Operation is for Both Men and Women

Contrary to popular belief, men also undergo cosmetic surgery. Because of the influence of social media and popular culture, men have also set their ideal physical appearance. Dr. John Layke, a well-known cosmetic surgeon, mentioned in an interview that he was once asked to create a chiseled, masculine nose.

A lot of Los Angeles rhinoplasty surgeons have been receiving male patients, and they are increasing each year. In 2017 alone, American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that more than a million male patients underwent cosmetic surgery. Among more than a million surgeries, more than 50 thousand men had a rhinoplasty. The rise in number caused some cosmetic surgeons to specialize in procedures for men.

Benefits of Choosing One of the Best Surgeons

Having a nose job from one of the best Rhinoplasty professionals in Los Angeles may be one of the best decisions you can make. Los Angeles is a famous place for producing good cosmetic surgeons. Rhinoplasty surgeons get to master their craft from several Los Angeles rhinoplasty surgeries every year. Aside from that, here are more reasons why you should choose among the best Los Angeles professional rhinoplasty surgeons:

  • They’re Board-Certified

The best Los Angeles professional rhinoplasty surgeons are board certified. These experienced and skilled Los Angeles rhinoplasty surgeons have passed difficult certifying exams in plastic surgery. Surgeons take long hours in the operating room and in clinics every day to excel in their profession. To ensure quality service, a double board-certified professional rhinoplasty surgeon in Los Angeles would be the right choice.

With the increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery, some doctors from different fields opt to open a plastic surgery clinic illegally. The training and education cosmetic surgeons pursued are specifically for plastic surgery. Choose only the best Los Angeles professional rhinoplasty surgeons who are trained in complicated procedures and can give quality service.

  • They’re Licensed

The rhinoplasty surgeons on your list of doctors to choose from should all be licensed in plastic surgery. There are accounts of unlicensed surgeons practicing plastic surgery, which resulted in a lifetime of regret for patients. You can be sure that you chose a licensed rhinoplasty surgeon if you pick one of the well-known professional Los Angeles rhinoplasty surgeons.

  • They’re Well-Experienced 

If you choose an experienced Los Angeles proessional rhinoplasty surgeon, you won’t have doubts about whether they have enough knowledge or training. Renowned plastic surgeons have been in the industry a long time and have served a lot of patients before you. Professional rhinoplasty surgeons in Los Angeles can safely and skillfully handle your rhinoplasty surgery.

  • They’re Specialized

To narrow down your choices, choose skilled plastic surgeons who specialize in rhinoplasty. This helps you make sure that the cosmetic surgeons on your list are well-trained in Los Angeles rhinoplasty surgeries.

Plastic surgeons have different specializations; there are some who specialize in different parts of the body. Deciding on surgeons who know a lot about rhinoplasty can ease your worries, and you can rely on their extensive rhinoplasty skills.

  • No History of Malpractice

People will not go to surgeons with malpractice history. By choosing one of the skilled Los  Angeles rhinoplasty surgeons, your rhinoplasty experience can be the most assuring one. Famous professional Los Angeles rhinoplasty surgeons do their best in every surgery, and these surgeons implement the right techniques in their Los Angeles rhinoplasty procedures.

How to Find the Right Los Angeles Professional Rhinoplasty Clinic

After you have narrowed down your list of best Los Angeles professional rhinoplasty surgeons, it is best to check the clinic or facility where the surgeons do the Los Angeles rhinoplasty. To make your final decision, check if the Los Angeles rhinoplasty surgeons have the following things:

  • Proper Rhinoplasty Equipment

In every battle, it is important for the soldier to be armed with the right equipment. The same applies to every surgery that plastic surgeons handle. Los Angeles professional rhinoplasty surgeons use the latest medical tools in plastic surgery.

  • Procedures

Once you have asked for a consultation from different Los Angeles professional rhinoplasty surgeons, you will know what kind of procedures they do. Be sure that you are not allergic to the medicines and anesthetics the surgeons use. It is advisable to look at before and after photos of previous patients to know if the Los Angeles rhinoplasty surgeons’ expertise can achieve the result you want.

  • Clinic Staff

It is important to check not only the Los Angeles rhinoplasty surgeons but also their staff. Are the nurses and anesthesiologist licensed? Does the staff accommodate your inquiries? You should feel comfortable and open with the surgeons and their staff to have the best rhinoplasty experience.

  • Rhinoplasty Operating Facility

Accredited operating facilities are used by licensed Los Angeles professional rhinoplasty surgeons to ensure the safety of every patient. Ask where the doctors on your list do their Los Angeles professional rhinoplasty surgeries, and check if the surgical facility is accredited.

  • Patient Satisfaction Rating

It is also essential to know the ratings given by the doctors’ patients. These ratings reflect how the Los Angeles professional rhinoplasty surgeons have handled their procedures. You will also see how satisfied the patients are with the clinic staff and the Los Angeles rhinoplasty results by checking their ratings and feedback.

Choose the Right Professional Rhinoplasty Clinic for You in Los Angeles

Having trouble choosing Los Angeles’s best professional rhinoplasty surgeon? Dr. John Layke is one of the famous plastic surgeons in the country and overseas. He is a licensed professional rhinoplasty surgeon in Los Angeles, who has handled some celebrities’ cosmetic procedure and guested on numerous TV shows. Magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, OK Magazine, and Star Magazine has also featured Dr. John Layke.

Together with Dr. Payman Danielpour, Dr. John Layke performs combined surgeries in a shorter period with excellent results at the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group. They have a state-of-the-art office and surgical center in one of Los Angeles’s premier buildings for professional rhinoplasty in Los Angeles.

Dr. John Layke’s goal is to make an environment comfortable and safe, where his patients feel at home. He listens intently to your wishes and expectations for the surgery. If you need an efficient and reliable Los  Angeles rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr.John Layke can skillfully enhance your features. Contact Dr. Layke for a consultation and assessment of your Los Angeles rhinoplasty! Click here to view some of Dr. Layke’s reviews.

Dr. John Layke